Track of the Week

Track of the Week this week was probably the easiest choice that I’m ever going to have to make for this blog. Peace are a band that I ‘ve seen live on multiple occasions and to be totally honest, I just love everything that they’ve released. I saw them very recently in Cardiff’s Tramshed, which I also have to add is an excellent venue that you should definitely check out if you are ever in the area.

 Track of the week

 Peace – From Under Liquid Glass

This track has really struck a chord with me personally, it’s been on repeat in my home for days and I’m pretty sure everyone’s sick of me by now. The band has decided to release this single in support of MQ. MQ are a company focusing purely on mental health, they dedicate large amounts of their time researching mental health issues in order to provide people with as much help and support as they possibly can. This is something I feel incredibly strongly about as I personally suffered from quite severe anxiety issues after loosing my grandfather several years ago, he absolutely loved singing and was a huge influence on my life. Not only did his passion for music inspire me, but also his attitude towards life and the way he always supported his family taught me respect and made me the person that I am today. He grew close bonds with all of my friends and they all respected him dearly, as did everyone that knew him. Please do check out MQ and support their great work if you can!

Harrison Koisser delivers this song beautifully. The track is stripped right back and mainly consists of just a delicate but slightly overdriven guitar sound, backed up by a raw meaningful vocal from the main man himself. The words in this song come from a deep personal place and that comes across so blatantly in the song. Harrison delivers pure excellence in this piece, and I’m a huge fan of the way he holds back in the verses before unleashing a whirlwind of emotion in the powerful chorus sections of the song.

If you know Peace you will already know that they are a really upbeat band. Their glassy bright guitar tones paired with catchy bass licks get everyone dancing at every show, they are a super fun band. This new vulnerable side of them that they’ve introduced us to is commendable. None of us are perfect and to some extent we have all suffered mentally at some point in our lives. This kind of experimentation makes me even more excited to hear new music from this band, luckily I can’t see us having to wait much longer for a new album from these guys.

Unfortunately I can’t provide you guys with a video just yet, but I have seen on the bands social media that they are working on one currently. I’ll add it to the blog once it gets released. The track is however available on Spotify and all of your usual music streaming services. Thanks for reading guys! I really appreciate it. I’ll try and get a little taster of the track posted below for you to have a listen.

(14/12/2017 update – As promised here’s the video for you guys!)

Happy Sunday!

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