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Welcome back to the blog everyone! If you’ve visited here before I thank you for returning, if you’re new here I’m excited to hear your opinions and I hope you love what you read. Okay so, I realised when looking back through my previous posts that I’m actually yet to talk about any British musicians. Time to throw that out of the window because we have some incredible talent over here in my homeland that I’m desperate to tell you all about. I’ve noticed from my wordpress stats that I do have some readers from various different locations around the world, not just in the United Kingdom. It’s really exciting for me that so many different nationalities and people from different walks of life are interested in what I have to say. I have a band for you today that will bring all of us together with their truly epic tunes. They’re taking off everywhere so you may well have heard of them already, but I really had to give this band a proper write up because I think they’re great. For this new edition of Artist Watch I give you…

Wolf Alice!

Prepare your ears is all I can say, because this female fronted four piece from North London will do everything in their power to blow apart your brain. They may well have only released two albums, but these guys are already making waves all over the planet. They even managed to secure a main stage slot at Glastonbury where just as expected, they presented the huge Pyramid Stage crowd with a passionate display of rock and roll.

I got to give a special mention to the lead singer Ellie Rowsell first and foremost. This girls voice is outstanding. She fronts this band with such class and style and her actual vocal ability is on an extremely high level for me. Wolf Alice totally excel as musicians when playing the heavy guitar driven stuff, but this girls vocal allows them to take their music wherever they damn well please. Whether they’re playing purely hard rock or much softer more ambient styles, she always seems to nail all of her performances. As a side note, you will also hear some wicked vocal effects which she often uses a separate microphone for, really cool if you’re into them experimental sounds.

The rhythm section of Wolf Alice are made up of two really talented musicians in drummer Joel Amey and bass player Theo Ellis, however I have to tell you a little bit more about my favourite member of this band. Joff Oddie turns into an absolute beast as soon as you wrap a guitar around his body. I had the strange pleasure of seeing this band play a gig at an old leisure in my University town here in Wales. Joff blew my head off with his huge riffs, moody guitar swells and just his all around incredibly dynamic playing style which really excited me. He’s so passionate on stage it’s frightening, just a man that adores what he does for a living and it’s so worth buying a ticket to see. One of the main reasons I remembered to mention their 2016 Glastonbury performance was because in one of the tracks, Joff is playing his guitar so violently that there’s quite literally blood dripping through his fingers, I love that madness.

For a band with two albums this is quite clearly just the beginning, they sure do take you on a rollercoaster from start to finish and I look forward to seeing them headline major festivals in the future. Get involved people and enjoy the return of gritty, exciting live music like we haven’t really seen for a while.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support. Take some of my advice and go out to your local city or town to check out some live music. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an original band in the flashiest upcoming venue in town, or a 90’s cover band in the back room of an old beaten up pub with your good friends. Support live music in your area, it’s a beautiful thing that brings us all together.

I’ve included a video from a few years ago for you all to see. I think the band sounded huge at this gig and you get a great look at what Wolf Alice are really all about.

Happy listening!



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